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Obsolescence Solutions

Support and Services

SANAYA technical Services works with established aerospace and aviation players to offer aircrafts for sale in a Total Package Approach as well as the support and supply fixed and rotor wing aircraft with spare parts, repairs, upgrade and modernizations, related Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Training and Simulation.

SANAYA through its partnership with the International suppliers, OEMs and equipment distributers put itself in the client’s logistics chain to help and offer them a wide range of state of the art products and related services.

Intends to build and enhance client’s capabilities in the fields of Defense, Land Forces, Command, Control & communications, and Security by providing the defense articles and all needed support including spare parts, repairs, test equipment & training.

Our business support through our partners range from a rifle –vehicle –Tank to a complete system with all related spares and support equipment, future needs of repairs and spare parts.

SANAYA can offer to its customers through its qualified supply sources a variety of ISR tools and equipment including NVGs, Thermals, UAVs, airborne cameras and PODs.

SANAYA built the bridges with the manufacturer and suppliers of communications and telecoms equipment including C2 and C3 systems to support its customers with the state of the arts equipment which fits the needs of the customers and interoperable with other used systems.

SANAYA training solutions and services are designed and deployed to its customers based on their training requirements. our business partners adhere to government and industry standards for developing complete training solutions and services and follow rigorous Instructional System Design standards.

Our training solutions and services include:

  • Technology-Based Training.
  • Live, Virtual, and Constructive Training.
  • Training Program Services.
  • Classroom-Based Training.

Our partners apply innovative technology expertise to the intended training solution development to deliver comprehensive, practical, real-world training, combined with outstanding client support.

The term “Obsolescence” covers the situation where a manufacturer no longer considers it economic enough to continue manufacturing a component or can´t be repaired economically.

Obsolescence concerns materials, components, processes and software. It can occur in all parts of the life cycle of components: development, design, production and services.

Being a specialist for Obsolescence Strategies and Dedicated to the military systems SANAYA together with its partners provides customized and competent Obsolescence Solutions.

customer support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product.

SANAYA services extends to provide the following:

  • Contracts management and all related logistics.
  • Coordinate and provide after sales services.
  • Optimizing Solutions based on the customer requirements.
  • Coordination of shipments and Turn over to customers.
  • Assistance in planning, installation, training, trouble shooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product.