About Us


With the incredible growing in business climates over the past decades, creating a model in the competitive field of business has become more difficult than ever before. As international market faces more and more complex challenges every day, it has become necessary to develop and maintain a smart systematized framework to discover opportunities , manage potential risks and enhance work performance to achieve the  best goals and value of the entity.

The accumulated years of experience and a rich source of knowledge base, we provide our clients and customers with exceptional services that have gained the trust over some business organizations,. Our remarkable military and technical background, relations with our clients, understanding their needs, trust and reliability serves as a platform for providing our customers and suppliers with the right plan at the right time.

STS Vision

STS is to become a trustable long term partner and technical services provider of highly qualified, competent, customer focused, and affordable products to the Defense ,Aviation and Security while demonstrating the highest standards of honesty and integrity through our performance and professional conduct in achieving optimal customer goals.

STS Mission

STS is committed to providing its customers with professional and technical engineering services of the highest quality, value and satisfaction. As a progressive and flexible company focused on clients’ needs and expectations, we strive to offer proactive solutions that fulfill customer needs within the available budget.

STS Values

Our values include:
• People: Trained and responsive
• Agility: Prompt with quality solutions
• Integrity: Uncompromising
• Creativity: Innovative value added solutions
• Competency: Technically savvy, professional, and experienced

Why to work with SANAYA

Our staff are engineers and Military retired officers, they have many years of technical experience to draw from – 4 dedicated staff have a combined experience of over 100 years-. We are able to deliver superior services because of our approach and attitude towards the ones whom requested our technical services and support. We are engineers first. We want to enhance your sales market with our methods and practices.

You can trust in our recommendations because the SANAYA team is led by Experts. We are technical with a sales experience, we are talented at technical services and have a passion for supporting others.

All of our services and support approaches were developed to deliver the greatest value to our clients.

Transport and Tactical Vehicles
ISR and Communications
Support and Services

SANAYA Believes You Deserve Maximum Support

Finding the right partner company for your business can be a challenging proposition. There are a lot of requirements that need to be met, you deserve the best services possible. There can be a long list of capabilities to check when looking for your perfect partner, SANAYA met the following:
• We founded with the intention of being a trusted technical adviser for
our clients (client comes first).
• We focus on expanding your growth. A flexible business model supporting incremental and transformational approaches to change.
• Expertise gained from providing a system-based approach that ensures our services and solutions deliver measurable business results.
• We insist on full and complete business planning.
• We will become your right hand in the Area of Operations (country or region).
• Company team provides professional and quality services.
• We take proactive actions to market your product and services.
• We manage third-party relationships.

SANAYA Has the experience to Fulfill Your Needs

We are dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals through proper support.
We have decided to grow as a result of our honesty, relations and attitude, our continued success in getting the job done. Contact us today to take advantage of our superior support and services.

SANAYA Knows What We're Best At

we have a well-established process. It shows that we have the brain power to think through and effectively communicate the strategy.
we prioritize good work, exceptional services, new ideas, and a long-term relationship.
While we believe we are the best at what we do, being honest about what you do best will only result in mutual success.

SANAYA Experts in

With many years of experience in Technical Services, SANAYA has developed services across the spectrum to support the wide-ranging needs of our customers.

Under each of our primary service areas are specific skill areas where SANAYA has gained depth of expertise. With specialized knowledge and experience across a diversity of Defense market and industries, SANAYA’s team is qualified to provide our customers and partners with professional technical services. These services to be adaptive to creating solutions that create values for our customers and successfully building long- term customer relationships.
Our independence allows us to offer objective and insightful market intelligence, born from rigorous analysis and on-the-ground market research.
Working as an integrated unit with our clients’ internal teams, we respond to market forces quickly.

In summary:

We will develop our services to meet all of your needs and exceed expectations. We are problem-solvers and forward thinkers. We are confident that we will improve your operations and provide proper support for your products.